Frantastic SangriaOf course, no Spanish culinary experience is complete without a glass or two of delicious Sangria!

In Spain, Sangria is a social drink traditionally served at fiestas and on other occasions. Its named, derived from the Spanish word for blood refers to its deep red colour.

Sangria is made of wine mixed with various fruits, spirits and other ingredients. We serve a wide selection of sangrias to suit every taste and can even make non-alcoholic sangria for your younger guests and any drivers.

Choose from the selection of sangrias below to add extra zest to your Wedding, Paella Party or Tapas Party.

Each large pitcher holds 8 glasses – £15 each

  • Celebration Sangria – for all celebrations
    Sparkling Wine, Apple & Grape juice, Ginger Ale, Peach Brandy, fresh peaches & apple, mint sprig over crushed ice.
  • Traditional Red Wine Sangria
    Red wine, brandy, red grape juice lemonade/soda mixed fruits
  • Traditional White Wine Sangria
    White wine, ginger ale, apple juice, fresh fruit, mint
  • Frantastic SangriaParty Red Wine Sangria
    Red wine, brandy, orange juice, fresh fruit & lemonade
  • Peach and Orange Sangria
    White wine, Triple Sec, peach brandy, oranges, ginger ale and fresh fruit
  • Alcohol Free
    White Sangria apple juice, apple cider, fresh fruit, ginger ale, mint and cinnamon (£4.50/jug)
  • Citrus Sangria with a kick
    Red wine, Cointreau, brandy, orange, lemon and limes, soda
  • Strong Sangria
    Red Wine, gin, vodka, brandy, Cider, oranges, lemons and peaches (£18/jug)
  • Pomegranate Sangria
    Red wine, orange juice, pomegranate juice, Cointreau, berries and apples

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